Not so long ago we were building our houses, sewing our clothes, etc. Today we are disconnected from manufacturing, even though it is part of our DNA! It is not a question of nostalgia, but of relearning to do it ourselves, instead of consuming.

What parent hasn't experienced this anguish: seeing their child frantically tapping on a screen for hours on end? Obviously, it is impossible to forbid it. But we can restore a balance between connected and disconnected play time.

In the era of the knowledge economy and new technologies, changes are accelerating. Our children will need to be flexible and adapt quickly to change. The ability to innovate will be The key skill of the 21st century.

Why oppose scientific and artistic spirit? Our activities are based on this different vision. They stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. The right (logical) and the left (imaginary).

Nowadays, children are used to discovering things on their own. They learn guitar on their own from Youtube and are passionate about Minecraft. They want to do. Our kits match the behavior of this new generation.
Everything around us has been designed, studied and thought about. Children can give birth to their own ideas. They can also change the system and do things differently to make them better.
From the moment they enter school, children are pushed to excel. What a pressure for children... when failure is an integral part of the most effective learning process.
Our children are overprotected, but it's good to teach them that sometimes we have to dare to take risks. How can we innovate if we are not daring? How can we know we are resourceful if we stay in our comfort zone? How can we tame danger if we never face it? Mastering it can be as simple as driving a nail without hurting yourself.
Because spending quality time with your family and learning with your parents... there's nothing better!