Why koa koa?

Learning by doing

Our educational DIY kits introduce children from 6 to 10 to science in a tangible way and through play. They can make their own flashlight to discover electricity or a doorbell to play with gears.

Design & Education

At the crossroads of design, learning and play, our educational concepts stimulate children's logic and imagination. The design is minimalist, contemporary but always playful.

Sustainable manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in the European Union and assembled by disabled workers in Normandy.

Playing with a Koa Koa is :

Dive into the world of objects

Your kid will play with the components, discover simple mechanical principles and understands what makes the object work

Extend your innovator mindset

The assemblies are always clever and ingenious. Children develop their hand intelligence, they acquire reflexes and tricks. Our products convey the spirit of invention.

An object that you can really use !

Once assembled, children can actually use what they have made. The flashlight, the doorbell, the pencil sharpener...They can paint them and then use them in their daily lives

" Thanks Koa Koa, we did the flashlight. Wonderful activity for this moment of confinement." Cecile, Instagram

Nos inspirations

Celebrate the spirit of invention

The Maker Movement

The Maker movement embodies this desire to reclaim the culture of making:repair instead of throwing away, make what you need yourself instead of systematically consuming, diverting, inventing...
It is above all this state of mind that we want to pass on to the children!



The STEAM approach is an educational approach to learning that uses Science and Arts to encourage kids to think differently. It integrates experiential learning, problem-solving, collaboration and work through the creative process

We collaborate with designers who rely on this approach:
- clever setups to develop the scientific mind
- unexpected shapes and concepts to stimulate the imagination


We manufacture in the EU!

We ensure that our manufacturing creates a positive social impact and the smallest possible environmental footprint.

🇪🇺 European manufacturing:All our suppliers are located in Europe. Only the parts for which there is no factory in the EU come from Asia.

🇫🇷 Assembly in ESAT in Normandy : The kits are assembled in an Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail located in Normandy.

♻ Responsible materials: We favor certified materials and we eliminate plastics wherever possible.

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