Make a hand crank doorbell for your room


Age: +6

This kit contains everything you need to build a bell for your room operated by gears and a crank. Everything you need is included : gears, screws, nuts, washers, etc. Once you’ve built your doorbell : turn the crank, watch the gears enter into motion to hit the bell and make it ring. You can add colors (with paint or oil pastels) and fix it to your door.

What are you going to learn ?

  • How gears work and the different types of gears

  • Movement transmission and gears train

Be a maker ! 

Build your doorbell using screws, nuts, washers and gears ! 

Discover how gears work 

Discover the different kind of gears :

bevel gears, cycloid, rack and pinion

Customize your doorbell

Using paint or oil paste

Fix it on your door ! 

Use the 4 holes on the corner to fix it to a door

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