Glow in the dark constellations poster


Age: +6

What’s in the envelop ?

A large poster (40 x 60cm), a white marker, a plank of glow in the dark stickers.

How to make this activity ?

Connect the dots with the white marker, add the little dots. You have a poster that is simple and beautiful in the day. But it’s at night that the poster comes to life : when all the dots glow in the dark. Your room is illuminated with the constellations. 

What are you going to learn ?

Discover the zodiac constellations: the brochure shows you which animal is hidden behind each constellation. 


Draw ! 

Connect the dots with the white marker (included)

Stick  !

Add more than 150 dots to form the constellations. 

Learn !

Discover which animals are hiddent behind each constellation (in the brochure)

Turn off the light !

It’s in the dark that the magic happens…the 12 constellations are glowing in your bedroom

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