Build your own Pencil Sharpener

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Build your own pencil sharpener and discover bevel gears !

Gears are everywhere around us, but we never see them. Koa Koa takes you on a journey deep into the world of objects. Discover how bevel gears work while having fun building your own hand cranked pencil sharpener. In this kit, you will find everything you need to build it. You will have to assemble more than 30 parts : wooden parts, spacers, gears, screws, nut…and of course, bevel gears !

But that’s not it. To build the shavings reservoir, you will have to find an empty jar at home (of jam for instance) to fix your pencil sharpener on. And you will learn how to reuse your jars ! 

What are you going to learn ?

  • How bevel gears work
  • How bevel gears are used in everyday objects
  • Recycling: how to divert objects from the waste stream and give them a second life.
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